Changes to practice

Dr. Cara is currently only taking telemedicine appointments during the Covid-19 pandemic, as she is primarily focusing on being home with her children while they are distance learnings. She misses you and excited to re-open her doors very soon. Please reach out if you would like to be contacted when she is back to in-person visits.

Dr. Cara Orscheln, Naturopathic Physician

Integrative Bodywork

Dr. Cara's unique approach to releasing tension and re-organizing the body is a synthesis of 20 years of experience with massage therapy, structural integration, myofascial release, movement pattern re-education, and therapeutic exercises informed by movement education through yoga and gyrotonics. 

Prolotherapy and Restorative Injections

Injection therapies pick up where manual therapies leave off. They are able to better target pain and dysfunction, and help the nervous system, connective tissues, and muscles work more in sync to bring the body back into better balance and ease.

Personalized Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Cara always treats each patient as an individual, taking into account their story, their experiences, and their health, to find an approach that is both sustainable and effective. She uses nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and when indicated pharmaceutical medications or referrals to specialists to better serve her patients.

Dr. Cara Orscheln offers personalized medicine to help you feel your best.

As a Naturopathic Physician, my mission is to be a facilitator and co-creator with you in your journey toward health and wellness. My goal is to help you achieve your best physical health. I incorporate Structural Integration Bodywork and Restorative Injection Therapies to optimize your physical structure and promote strength, flexibility, and good posture. Through my Naturopathic Medicine lens, I also consider other underlying factors in your health, including nutritional status, hormone and neurotransmitter balance, inflammation and immune function, and mental emotional connections.

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You deserve health, inspiration, and self-care. It's time you do something for you. 

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