Integrative Physical Medicine

Hellerwork Structural Integration - Naturopathic Physical Medicine 

Hellerwork is a sister method of bodywork to Rolfing Structural Integration. I have been practicing Hellerwork informed bodywork since 2003, and this is a foundation for my physical medicine approach with patients. Hellerwork is an integrative process that uses a unique combination of soft tissue myofascial release, movement education, and dialogue to create structural integrity in the body. Hellerwork explores the connection of how the body reflects the mind, and frees set patterns of movement, enhancing your ability to adapt to life’s changes.  

My goals are to bring the body into a better functioning state. Depending on the stage of inflammation and structural imbalances, a variety of techniques are used to stretch, relax, and strengthen muscles, break up adhesions, and decrease pain. Before and after each session, postural and range of motion assessments are done to rate progress and determine a treatment plan.  

In addition to manual therapy or therapeutic exercises, I also often integrate Kinesiotaping, Laser Therapy, and injections therapies as indicated to have the most beneficial impact on healing.

Restorative Injection Therapies 

Neural Therapy - utilizing the medicinal properties of a local anesthitic called Procaine (Novocaine) in the treatment of scars, myofascial pain, organ dysfunction, and the nervous system  

Trigger Point Injections - utilizes Procaine for the treatment for spasming muscles and associated referral pain.  

Prolotherapy - Utilizes the healing powers of dextrose sugar injected into and around joints and ligaments to improve structural integrity of the joint and surrounding supportive structures. Also indictated for early stages of arthritis to prevent further degeneration and promote the healing.  

Prolozone - Harnesses the medicinal benifits of Ozone gas, to improve oxigenation, speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation. This is an adjunct to all of the above therapies.  


* Insurance does not generally cover these injections, pricing is dependent on type of injection, time for the injection service, and if it is added to an office visit or physical medicine visit or as a seperate stand alone visit. I am happy to provide an estimate based on your individual situation.  

Personalized Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine has its roots in natural healing practices used by humanity for thousands of years, yet combines modern diagnostic techniques and treatments based on science and technology, to provide the most broad and holistic care. In a sense, it is the best of both worlds. Licensed naturopathic physicians attend a 4 to 5 year medical program, which includes coursework in the basic health sciences, pharmacology, lab and physical diagnosis, as well as classes in numerous natural healing modalities discussed below. It also includes hundreds of hours of clinical observation and intership with supervision. Naturopaths use their knowledge of healing and optimizing health to help guide you toward your ultimate goal of living a more vibrant and fulfilling life

Naturopathic Modalities 

  • Comprehensive and Functional Lab analysis and access to specialty lab testing for targeted conditions
  • Nutritional and Dietary assessment and treatment - Nutrition is foundational to optimum wellness supplying all of the necessary energy, vitamins, minerals and building blocks for our thousands of biochemical processes to function. A naturopath can help assess your nutrition status and nutritional needs, and guide you in dietary changes or provide supplementation to improve nutritional balance. 
  • Homeopathy - Based on the theory the "like cures like", homoepathic remedies subtly tap into the wisdom of the body to heal. The remedies contain a miniscule amount of the substance it is derived from, yet carries the energetic imprint of the substance. Very profound healing has been achieved through homeopathic medicine. 
  • Botanical Medicine - The use of plants to stimulate a healing process has been practiced for thousands of years. In fact, many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants. Modern research continues to shed light on how the plant world can help achieve health and prevent disease.  
  • Physical Medicine - Naturopaths are trained in assessing and treating many physical complaints. We use manual therapy techniques that include massage and myofascial release, as well as joint manipulation. We also can give exercises and stretches that can be done at home so you can feel better faster. See below for more information about my Physical Medicine services
  • Lifestyle Counseling - One benefit to seeing a naturopath is the time given to your individual needs. A naturopath can use this time to help coach and support you to make some tough lifestyle changes, which may include things like exercising regularly, changing negative thought patterns, or reducing your desire for a substance that may have a poor impact on your health. 
  • Biological Medicine - My affiliation with the NW Center for Biological Medicine, I have access to innovated healting therapies that are unique to this clinic. These various therapies work to facilitate the following

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