Re-opening policies to keep everyone safe

I am excited to announce that Governor Brown is allowing clinics to provide non-urgent medical procedures effective May 1. This means that I will be able to expand my offering of in-person hands on care (Bodywork, Physical Therapy, Injection therapies). Please be aware that this change comes with continued safety restrictions within the clinic reflecting that I can appropriately comply with COVID-19 safety measures as outlined by the CDC, OSHA, OHA, and the Governor’s Executive Orders.

  • I will begin seeing patients in-person slowly, with one full day per week available during the month of May, this is due both to safety, and childcare constraints for me. 
  • I plan to be available at the clinic Thursday, May 7.  
  • If you want to schedule, please be in touch with me directly, via this email, or my phone number 503-891-2998. 
  • DO NOT go through the clinic or schedule on-line.  
  • If there are other days during the week that are needed, I may be able to come to the clinic for one patient/day, depending on childcare, or I may need to bring my children and keep them in a separated room.  

I still encourage Telemedicine where hands-on care is not needed. This can include some physical therapy consultation regarding home treatments, exercises and self-care for musculoskeletal complaints.  Telemedicine can be scheduled directly through me on days that I am not in the clinic.

In the Clinic, the following measures will be employed:

  • I will spread patients out, so that there will never be more than one patient at a time at the clinic, and time in between to appropriately wipe down all surfaces.  
  • I ask that you remain in your car until I bring you into the clinic, as all doors to the clinic will remain locked. 
  • The front office staff is not going to be back at the clinic until June 1, so any payments will be handled over the phone, and Dayle will call you for any payments due. 
  • If you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath, please notify me and change your in-person visit to a telemedicine appointment. 
  • When you arrive at the clinic, we ask that you wear a face covering (mask, bandana or other type of face covering) while you are inside the clinic.  I will also be wearing a procedure mask, and can give you one to keep if you don’t have one or forget your mask. (these are not N95)
  • Upon arrival, I will be screening all patients for Covid-19 risk factors and symptoms, including temperature checks.
  • If you are in an “at risk” category (over age 60, immune-compromised, or heart and lung diseases), we should speak on the phone to discuss the risks/benefits of coming to the clinic.

A note on testing - more labs are coming out with Antibody testing to assess past exposure/immunity, and I am trying to learn more about insurance coverage, low or no cost options, as well as sensitivity/reliability of these tests. If you are under the care of another provider as a PCP, I encourage you to be in touch with them about your testing options. If you would like to discuss with me, please make an appointment, and we can see if it makes sense to get tested and what the available options exist and what are possible out of pocket expenses.  This information seems to be changing daily, but I am trying to stay informed.

I look forward to supporting your health in whatever way I am able!

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